Tom Hortonn, Sgt. Toronto Police Service

Tom Hortonn graduated from the University of Ottawa with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminology. He joined the TPS directly upon graduation and worked patrol until his promotion to the transit division as sergeant. He knew Karen Winthrop from university but had lost touch with her until an impromptu call requesting permission for her and a Secret Service Agent to train in the TPS academy. Chatting with her several days after granting the request, he mustered the courage to ask Karen to dinner.

Post date, they were returning to their vehicles when they experienced a robbery attack. Karen expertly took her assailant to the ground and left him unconscious for patrol vehicle officers.

Karen was stranded in Santa Monica, California during an airline strike and Tom surprised her with a helicopter decent onto the Santa Monica Beach, having hitched a ride with a Canadian Air Force cargo plane destined for Los Angeles Air Force Base in El Segundo, then a LAPD helicopter diverted their mission to drop him on the beach.