Rebecca Simpson Principal with “J” Team Investigations

Rebecca Simpson had been a high school rodeo participant, not the Queen but a solid continuous involvement from junior high school. Decent secondary school grades with rodeo again as her chosen sport-barrels and something called dobbing. No buckin’ broncs or bull riding, so Jessica figured maybe these were limited to male participants. Simpson graduated from Montana State University with an education degree and spent two years teaching elementary school, then quit. Boredom? That would have been Jessica’s excuse. Jessica loved kids, but friend’s, not hers and certainly not twenty-five all day long. Reading along, she saw that Simpson returned to school for a graduate degree in Criminology, then Montana Department of Justice and finally Flathead County Deputy Sheriff.

Where the hell is Flathead County? Google. Out in the middle of nowhere. By the Canadian border with towns like Tobacco, Halfmoon, but hey, it was right by Glacier National Park so maybe smokey-the-bear girl had some country smarts the rest of us were lacking. The next paragraph. Another shock. Simpson was a former Ms. Physique. Holy crap, thought Jessica, this woman is another Cory Everson, former Ms.Olympia with her blond streaked moussed short hair and her 6’ 150 pound frame.

Jessica figured boredom hit again at the three year mark when the Service snagged her. Wonder what her hiring ace was? Reading on she found it. Simpson was some kinda tracker, having led many rescues through mountainous terrain and used those skills to track bad guys through Montana flatlands. Currently Simpson was right where Sorento said she was, assigned to the Phoenix, Arizona FBI office, tracking down leads on the various Native American reservations and a new movement that could spell attacks against Bakus.

Follow Simpson as she navigates her complex career and personal life associated with her sexual identity. In Santa Barbara Secrets she is retired from the Secret Service, is in a relationship with Penelope Barker personally and professionally with “J” Team Investigations. The Team retires and all become principals in the firm. They become involved in local issues including Saturday martial arts and counselling for teenage girls.