Jason Spencer, Principal with “J” Team Investigations

Spencer was from LAPD with a Bachelor of Science degree in micro biology from UCLA-University of California at Los Angeles. Apparently he hadn’t given any thought to employment with the science degree and found himself SOL, shit out of luck, after graduation. Many of his fellow grads found themselves likewise and ended up taking additional training as lab techs, a program they could have entered out of high school.

Spencer was $50,000 in debt, no job and no prospects. One of his university lab tech buddies suggested he apply to the LAPD and be their poster boy for higher education. They laughed at the put down but the more Spencer thought of it, the more the idea had merit. Not the put down, but maybe putting his education to work for the community. He applied and was hired before the ink dried on the application.

He had kept a low profile through the academy as most of the recruits were high school grads with some community college-LAPD didn’t want kids applying-and he didn’t want to come across as elitist, being one of the only college graduates. But he came across as a snob anyway which caused him no end of social problems. He wasn’t interested in typical “male”chit-chat or testosterone drivel. He sought out like mined trainees and fell in with them socially, albeit very few.

He excelled in academic and physical challenges and was nicknamed “Micro” for his attention to detail. Six months on probation after academy graduation, then 18 months in patrol cars and he applied for the sergeant’s exam. Was turned down. Had to have five years. But his enthusiasm and intellect were rewarded by taking him out of uniform and putting him undercover.

Jason Spencer had excellent street creds from South Central where the hoods assumed wrongly that his ethnic background and skin tone grouped him with their limited intellect and home boy demeanor. His arrest and prosecution record was exceptional, which was what eventually attracted the Service.

Spencer had taken a minor in languages from UCLA. He could sound like he’d just arrived from Brussels with a French accent,or similarly from Jamaica or any number of countries.

Tired of hassling gang members who were arrested at breakfast and out for dinner, he transferred to policing illegal weapon’s entering Los Angeles.

He’d done his LAPD in-service with the ATF-Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, gaining knowledge of a multitude of firearms, particularly those desired by criminals and sold internationally. It was during one of his undercover operations, posing as a Belgium arms dealer that the Secret Service caught wind of his expertise. He’d contacted gang buyers wanting automatic weapons with 30 round clips. His beard, dreadlocks and accent hid any hint of recognition by the gang members he’d previously busted. Spencer thrived on the adrenaline high of the ruse, knowing they’d kill him immediately if they had any hint of his real identity.

After six months getting accepted and haggling over the price, a deal was struck for Czechoslovakia made SA Vz.58 assault rifles with folding butt-stock (allowing easy concealment) capable of firing 800 rounds a minute for $2,000 a piece, shipped from an undisclosed EU country to the Port of Los Angeles.

The take down didn’t occur at the docks. The enforcement team let them take delivery, pay Spencer his $100,000 for 50 rifles and 10,000 rounds of ammunition, then followed the buyers back to a South Los Angeles warehouse. Spencer took a circuitous route back to the station to log in the money, change clothes and vehicles. He exited the station via the underground secure parking wearing a pulled down ball cap. He was done with the operation.

The LAPD SWAT team was primed for assault. As the buyers arrived at the warehouse, SWAT attacked as the building’s automatic doors began to open. Assault vehicles swung in front and back of the buyer’s truck with the SWAT team out and surrounding within seconds. The take-down was choreographed so beautifully it went down in LAPD annuls of great operations.Not only did LAPD retrieve the firearms, arrest the 5 gang member buyers but got intel on rival gangs the guns were to be used to eliminate.

With the intel, LAPD happily eliminated the rivals themselves. The Secret Service heard about the operation through the cop grapevine and approached Spencer. They made him an offer he couldn’t refuse.

Since then, Spencer had been stationed out of Morocco with infiltration into Algeria, Libya, Sudan and Mauritania assessing threats against the U.S.and the president from Al Qaeda training camps deep within these countries.

Spencer is transferred to Fukishura’s team and works with her at the StoneHead Ranch in Wyoming to take down the Christians for a Better America. He is later assigned to work undercover at a Colorado Christian university to discover how graduate students develop the explosive devices which CFBA use.

Involved in numerous Secret Service operations, the details of which are chronicled in the “J” Team Series, Spencer retires in Santa Barbara, California to become a partner in “J” Team Investigations. Read how his move to early retirement developed in “Barkley Sound Secrets”.