Elisabeth Peltowski, Principal with “J” Team Investigations

Fukishura found Elisabeth Peltowski working as a liaison with the British Secret Service MI6. Peltowski worked with the BSS in conjunction with threats of terrorism and espionage, where the threat is expressly against both countries. Jessica assumed Peltowski had been around the world chasing down Al Qaeda members and Jessica banked on her wanting to come back Stateside. Wrong on the first, correct on the second… she’d soon discover.

Peltowski had grown up in Nebraska. Corn girl. Masters in Criminal Justice from the University of Nebraska at Omaha, with a minor in computer science. Not knowing what she wanted to do with the advanced degree, she taught basic computer skills at an Omaha high school but found it too frustrating to teach general skills when she wanted to be involved at a higher level. She quit and did five years with the State Police-commercial crime, then was picked up by the Secret Service.Jessica wondered what made her cream of the crop. She had to have some skills that set her above the rest. Reading on she found Peltowski did her bones similar to Jessica, in hinterland. For Peltowski it was New Orleans, then Miami where she battled the on going influx of threats, perceived or otherwise, from Cuba. Then a transfer to Washington. Mmm, what did she do there, Jessica thought.

Fukishura found that in Miami Peltowski had studied under Ricardo Montabo and his Chillean Jujitzu. Ricardo gained fame by legitimizing the Ultimate Fighter HBO financial phenomenon with the first three wins. Jessica had seen several UF fights in pubs with dates. Cage fighting. No rounds. Bare fists. No hits to the throat, groin or knees, but everything else went until one slapped the canvas. Uncle.

Booze and UF. Not a good combination. Lots of parking lot fights where testosterone and alcohol got out of hand. After three UF’s she passed on dates with cage fighting enthusiasts. None of the trio found out what their date did for a living. None ever asked.

Montabo’s skills by themselves weren’t sound for law enforcement, but combined with her other fighting skills Pelstowski earned in New Orleans, Montabo added worthy ground fighting techniques.

Peltowski wasn’t just a computer nerd, she was a hacker. Son-of-a-bitch, a female hacker. Jessica thought they were all overweight, male couch potatoes with zip for social skills. So much for stereotyping. From the attached photo Peltowski slid right past the norm with her dark complexion and curly brunette doo.

Outstanding. A license to hack.

Jessica heard the spooks hired hackers, stuffed them away in a Maryland basement and let them have at terrorist’s bank accounts and track emails. She’d never thought the Service would do likewise. But she understood why they did. They always wanted their own intel on plots against the president and the CIA was infamous for not sharing intelligence.

Peltowski moved from Miami to geek headquarters in The Ranch’s bowels reading all emails from any computer in the world that contained key words that directly or indirectly had an association with violence, firearms distribution and weapons development/deployment and Islam or related religions. She’d organized her filtering system to eliminate content that had the feared words or phrases but were in fact harmless.

She spent most of her time reading. She found a great deal of Al Qaeda data not directly related to her task so she logged it and passed it onto the FBI’s Anti-Terrorism Team. She’d learn later that her intel was never pursued by the FBI. She was enjoying her silent attack on terrorism when she was picked to be the Service’s liaison with Britain’s Secret Service, MI6.

Involved in numerous Secret Service operations, the details of which are chronicled in the “J” Team Series, Peltowski retires in Santa Barbara, California to become a partner in “J” Team Investigations. Read how his move to early retirement developed in “Barkley Sound Secrets”.