Former President John Bakus

President Jack Bakus was a former Wyoming senator who rode to the White House on a Democratic ticket that was more, “get the other guys out,” than a popular Democratic philosophy and principles. He had started his first term just two years previously and was riding high on a solid economy, low unemployment and a Democratic controlled senate and house. Baring a major screw up, he was in for the second term. Guaranteed. The Democratic National Party was hoping all politicians kept it in their pants and didn’t email under age boys.

Bakus was the forth or fifth rancher in the White House so that wasn’t unique. But this president graduated from Princeton law school, 15th in his class and represented ranchers against the federal government in his Wyoming practice. His Wyoming ranch was a ranch, not an oil field. He raised beef cattle which he marketed to Canada and various EU-European Union countries.

President John “Jack” Bakus was tired. Tired of bullshit politicians. Tired of failing with his campaign promise of non-partisan politics. He was tired of his party members not willing to meet halfway on any issue or legislation. Tired of cabinet secretaries blowing their own horns at every meeting, at every turn of events, each of them feeling they knew the facts for him to make a decision. They did not and he was tired of them projecting that message. He needed to make a cabinet change and move people out of their comfort zone. As well, he needed to move federal law enforcers around and get new blood, new ideas into areas of national security. With the FBI he felt it was out of step with reality and needed to be revamped.The Bureau had to have a huge change starting at the top with their counter terrorism task force if the country was going to make any dint in the increasing threats to the nation.

For years the Bureau had made a cosmetic attempt to cooperate with other agencies with disastrous results. Information either did not flow smoothly between agencies or not at all. The information jam was giving the upper hand to terrorists, particularly those born in America.The bureau had scrambled to recover from the 9/11 disaster. Investigations revealed agents had ignored obvious preparations being carried out by the suicide bombers on American soil. Eastern Mediterranean loyalists were engaged in flight lessons, internet mapping of airplane seating configurations and flight data recording prior to forcing the planes into the side of the New York Trade Center towers and the Pentagon. The underwear bomber being allowed to board an America bound jet with explosives and the Times Square bomber’s near detonation were all examples of the agency’s failure.

A free and democratic society couldn’t control citizens but Bakus knew that with proper leadership….hardcore leadership, by a law enforcer with political protection and the force of his office, the country could be far better protected than it had been and needed to be for the foreseeable future.

Unfortunately for Bakus, voters didn’t agree with his approach and he lost the election, replaced by a Republican who promised to change the way America interacted with the world. Time will tell which approach is the best.

Bakus’ legacy includes a law enforcement information distribution system, CHAP. Not an acronym but named after its creator, a Navy SEAL. Cheryl Chapman. Follow Chapman with the “J” Team.