Karen Winthrop, Staff Sgt. RCMP

Karen Winthrop graduated from the University of Ottawa with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology and began her policing career in a small British Columbia detachment where she completed her basic training and first two years of law enforcement. Transferring to the University of British Columbia detachment provided exceptional experience with investigating sexual assault cases and offering support for survivors.

Desiring a different angle to law enforcement she volunteered for the RCMP’s Sky Marshal/Aircraft Protection unit where she received six months of anti-terrorism training before accepting her assignment to Air Canada on their Toronto, Vancouver, Los Angeles, Miami, Washington, DC, Toronto circuit.

Jessica Fukishura was on the flight from Washington to Toronto and was required to declare her firearm to Winthrop. The women struck up a friendship which saw them train, work-out, dine and entertain in Toronto. They extrapolated their friendship to business and collaborated on several cases.

She and Toronto Police Service Sgt. Tom Hortonn were seconded to CSIS, Canada’s spy agency, to locate and turn Alberta drug dealer Brian Sawyer who was instrumental in taking down the Mahalo Airliner off the coast of LAX.

The two teamed later in Vancouver to take down a cocaine distribution system with the assistance of RCMP’s Kimberly Breyman and Combined Forces Enforcement Unit’s Anne-Marie Clark. The four continued their collaboration investigating money laundering in British Columbia and California.