Dr. Penelope Barker, Retired Veterinarian, Private Investigator

Penelope Barker graduated from veterinarian school and practiced in StoneHead, Wyoming where she met Rebecca Simpson when Rebecca was working undercover for the Secret Service as a horse trainer. Their friendship grew over numerous veterinarian visits for the horses Rebecca trained and developed into a love relationship during a shopping weekend in Denver.

Realizing she could no longer maintain the deception, Rebecca confessed her secret during a retirement dinner at President Bakus’ ranch with the evening prepared by Chef Marc Stucki (currently the head chef for BNA Brewery in Kelowna, British Columbia).

Barker sold her practice and retired with Simpson to Rebecca’s country estate in Santa Barbara, California, a property she had owned for almost two decades, purchased through a loan of her investment portfolio of Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway but never occupied.

They opened R&P Investigations and assisted with the destruction of a Southern California cocaine and money laundering syndicate and developed a safe haven for homeless teenage girls called, Refugio Seguro with the assistance of numerous Santa Barbara wealthy and appreciative Democrats.