Commander Cheryl Chapman U.S. Navy

Chapman was a SEAL, the U.S. Navy’s special operations force (Sea, Air and Land). The United States Navy did not have female SEALs. That was the rule, not the policy. The rule. No women. The service offered a litany of reasons to the media; women are too weak, too sensitive, too sexy. Yes, they did offer that explanation.

But Chapman was a decorated Navy SEAL along with several platoons of other accomplished strong, insensitive and yes, sexy sailors who were trained secretly thousands of miles from the male SEAL’s training center in California.

The Big Boogy National Wildlife Refuge, 6 hours southwest of Houston, Texas, is home to thousands of migratory birds; geese, ducks and brown pelicans, in a 4,500-square mile marshland that opens to the Gulf of Mexico. The refuge is closed to the public and basically closed to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife staff too because the SEAL compound is in the most isolated and remote section which Fish and Wildlife employees were too glad to ignore.

Code named, Jarc for Joan of Arc, who led French troops into battle against the English, the SEAL teams were housed in an abandoned farmhouse and outbuildings just east of The Boogy where their firearms, intelligence, counterterrorism and martial arts training were covertly conducted.

The Pentagon had used one of its many Black Accounts; money allotted to a legitimate government fund, then transferred from one account to another…somewhat like the con shell game where a pea is under one of three cups and the sucker must choose the pea’s location.

 Jarc was the back-up team to SEAL Team Six which took out Osama bin Laden. The coalition forces created an interesting diversion for Jarc.

The team was aboard the Canadian Destroyer Athabaskan patrolling the Gulf of Oman as their normal duty. The team had been choppered aboard the ship during the desert blackness, team members faces covered and were housed in separate quarters for the attack’s duration. When one of Team Six’s choppers went down, Jarc was mustered and airborne within minutes, heading to Islamabad for a rescue if needed.

Team Six regrouped and escaped with bin Laden’s body so “Jarc” returned to the ship to await their stand-down orders, which came 24 hours later.

Team Six members were later killed by Afghan insurgents using rocket propelled grenades destroying the Chinook helicopter Extortion 17 as the Team was entering the Tangi Valley in eastern Afghanistan to back-up an Army Ranger strike force seeking an enemy combatant.

Chapman had risen through the ranks, rejected all of the Navy’s attempts to promote her to management and fought fiercely to maintain her qualifications, year after year. But age and nature were catching up to her and Bakus was positive he could make her an offer she couldn’t refuse.