Wyoming Secrets

A “J” Team Novel

Supervising Secret Service Agent Jessica Fukishura, gained fame with the killing of two French Iranian sympathizers during an attack on U.S. President Bakus in France. She uncovered sleeper antagonists in President Bakus’ hometown and a clandestine pack train supply system through Yellowstone National Park. Native Americans from an Idaho reservation receive drugs smuggled on rail cars, move them covertly by pack train into Wyoming, and return with explosives for the Christians for a Better America’s Idaho mountain facility. The Idaho smugglers’ attempt to mask their operation results in a Sheriff’s murder, an exhaustive manhunt and an FBI investigation in conflict with Fukishura’s assignment.

Wyoming Secrets is a suspense thriller with a plot that moves through North Africa, London England, Washington, D.C. Arizona and Wyoming. Holt Renfrew’s champagne fashion review,Whistler’s Araxi, Toronto’s Revival and the collision of careers and personal agendas shape characters with emotional substance and develop the quirky psychology of political dissidents. Wyoming Secrets embraces sex, love, mystery, suspense, and martial arts and blends them with a well-researched plot to locate and eliminate Christians for a Better America, (CFBA)…..well organized, disgruntled, right wing political misfits being trained by Middle Eastern assassins on Arizona and New Mexico reservations. A New York physicist passes his black chemical expertise to his home schooled son who uses that knowledge to develop unique explosives in a secluded Colorado research facility with the help of university fellowship students. Their devices will target congressional representatives running for re-election. With extremists credited, the smoke screen gains them control of the federal legislature.

Fukishura’s acerbic personality and her sexual history with an FBI Special Agent in Charge (SAC) create friction during her “J” Team selection process. She finalizes with; Elisabeth Peltowski, a hacker, currently assigned to MI6, Britain’s Secret Intelligence Service as a liaison agent, Jackson Pennington, a former Delta operative with several FBI years, early retirement to a Michigan University for an education degree then sequestered to the Secret Service, Rebecca Simpson, an aggressive, unorthodox agent with a penchant for conflict and Jason Spencer with three covert years in North Africa pursuing Al Qaeda fighters with the French Foreign Legion.

Fukishura develops a working relationship with Karen Winthrop, an Air Marshal with investigative and martial arts skills matching those of the Secret Service “J” Team. Winthrop works with Fukishura to uncover the source of drugs and explosives and in the process they discover a plot to move Cesium to Los Angeles where CFBA plans to destroy LAX communications and crash incoming flights, the plot for 30,000 Secrets. Winthrop’s love affair with a law enforcer draws the attention of the CIA while Fukishura struggles with her explosive anger and inability to maintain a meaningful relationship.

Wyoming Secrets Prologue

Jackson opened the door with both hands, putting pressure on the hinges to prevent any squeaking. The silence weighed on his soul like a heavy metal cloak, the eeriness enveloping. Once inside, he repeated his opening process to close and latch the door, his eyes darting left and right, trying to catch any movement, any preemptive strike. He waited several seconds while his eyes adjusted to the total blackness, then turned on the pen light with a narrow hooded beam and began his search, sweeping the muted light back and forth in the cavernous enclosure.

He’d just swung the light across the back of the barn picking up reflections of the materials Elisabeth had noted, when he heard voices coming from the lane he’d just traveled…fear of capture, fear every covert operator lives with on every operation, raising his neck hairs and running a cold shiver across his shoulders.

He quickly retrieved his camera and started clicking photos of the entire area, stopping to pry boxes using the mini-bar on his Leatherman. Opening and photographing the contents, then moving to another stack. The voices were getting louder as they grew closer. Jackson’s heart pounded and his shirt was clammy with sweat as he quickened his pace. He could make out part of the conversation, “What did Louise say she saw again?” said a male voice.

“Someone is here, you guys circle around back and see if we can cut him off,” shouted another.

Jackson was stuck, no out and he couldn’t be captured. The ramifications of a Secret Service agent paraded before international media by a domestic terrorist group was too devastating to consider, so he opened fire, from the knoll above the barn to which he’d escaped just before the church guards reached the barn. He strafed the tree tops above each of the groups forcing them to retreat to the barn’s cover. The H&K MP5SD’s popping/spitting created no echo and couldn’t be heard beyond his immediate location. They scattered like mice, dropping to the ground, crouching and duck walking back to cover.


Rebecca was preparing dinner when her Blackberry rang, not encrypted but a normal ring, so shrill her reflexes sprang her from the chair. The message? The shit has hit the fan!

Her reaction was programmed through years of repetition. She stuffed the Blackberry into her cargo pants, grabbed her tactical bag which held spare ammo clips and other assault gear, her Heckler and Koch MP5SD automatic rifle, stuffed her feet into her Magnum assault boots, ran out the door, locked, fobbed the cabin’s security system and was on her way down the lane within two minutes.