Santa Barbara Secrets

Debuting in 2019, “Santa Barbara Secrets” offers direction for women struggling with violence in their lives. Penelope and Rebecca take up residence at The Ranch, a five-thousand-square-foot Spanish style home in the Santa Barbara Hills which Rebecca had purchased as an investment a decade previously with her investment income.

Her neighbor, Alejandro, a retired Beverly Hills landscape architect regenerates The Ranch’s grounds, creating a magnificent spectacle of indigenous flowers and shrubs while her investment adviser, Alane renews the interior.

The characters share their successes and failures, overcome fears and apprehensions through emotionally griping dialog and defensive tactics.

The agents’ physical and emotional responses to antagonists draw the reader to the protagonists’ techniques and style used to overcome adversity.

Jessica, Rebecca and Elisabeth encourage readers; to leave abusive situations, to change their environment and to accomplish their goals and dreams. Rebecca leaves the Secret Service and settles in Santa Barbara, California with Penelope, who joins Rebecca as they embark on a new venture, R&P Investigations in which they deal with local issues as well as independent agents for “J” Team leader Jessica Fukishura.

Elisabeth, Jackson and Jason are invited to The Ranch to stay while investigating money laundering, the epic center believed to be in Santa Barbara coupled with the cocaine trade.