“Barkley Sound Secrets”

“Barkley Sound Secrets” sees the plot shifting from Santa Barbara to a Vancouver Island fjord leading from the Pacific Ocean into Port Alberni, a logging and mill town where local entrepreneurs exhibit financial acumen and personal tenacity, albeit, criminally.

Jackson Pennington, Jason Spencer and Elisabeth Peltowski retire from the Secret Service and become “J” Team Investigations as full partners with Rebecca Simpson, also a retired agent and her life partner and retired veterinarian Penelope Barker.

Jessica Fukishura, the “J” Team’s supervisor for several decades had operated undercover in Santa Barbara, obtaining a position with Katrina Barbados, attorney, whose primary client is cartel kingpin, Marianna Gutierrez. Fukishura retires from the Secret Service and joins Katrina’s law firm.

Detective Elise Pelfini with the Santa Barbara Police Department, extends the investigation of the five-thousand kilo cocaine and four-hundred and fifty-million dollar confiscation to one of the community’s notable citizens, Marianna Gutierrez as the leader in the multi-million dollar cocaine business.

Pelfini discovers a connection between Gutierrez and a known Alberta drug dealer responsible for the theft and distribution of cesium, the radio-active material responsible for the downing of a Mahalo Airlines airplane (“30,000 Secrets”) The Edmonton RCMP detectives begin an investigation of Stan Loblinski, whom Gutierrez recruited to expand her business into the Western Canadian cocaine market monitoring him 24/7, visually and electronically.

Karen Winthrop and Tom Hortonn having been seconded from the RCMP and Toronto Police Service respectfully, invite RCMP Member, Kimberley Breyman to join their surveillance of two Vancouver attorneys and an accountant whom the Edmonton detectives believe are part of a new cocaine cartel.

Penelope and Rebecca work with the Women’s Center director and staff to assist sixteen teenage girls leave a life of homelessness. The community movers and shakers join the detectives in purchasing, renovating and staffing a motel where the girls enjoy their own rooms, meals and a myriad of life’s necessities while returning to school. Read how easy helping the homeless can be with a cooperative approach.

The characters deal with homophobes with whom the women get into a fight, enjoy outstanding Santa Barbara and Vancouver, BC cuisine and taking down two cocaine cartels.

Four RCMP officers portray themselves as do four of writer Jonathan McCormick’s former students.