Institute of Defensive Tactics

McCormick’s personal training center was located in spectacular British Columbia. The studio was designed to blend the peacefulness of nature’s surrounding evergreens, poplars and beaver pond with the ambiance of pastel shades, inspiring photographs and artifacts.

He currently trains students individually in their homes and the streets of their community.

The studio did not meet the stereotype “dojo” of most martial arts training centers. Rather, McCormick challenges the present mind set to embark on a new, positive personal safety lifestyle that rejects power plays with society and replaces it with the martial arts philosophy of redirecting force/negativism. A mind-set says, “Mess with me and you will be the loser.” This philosophy simply means that you will do what ever is necessary to prevent an assault and if an attempt is made, you will survive.

McCormick segued that experience into writing full-time, incorporating his years of training and working with sexual assault survivors, listening and working their suggestions into plots with characters who demonstrate the physical and mental skills he has taught.

Santa Barbra Secrets by Jonathan Mccormick
Jonathan McCormick’s “J” Team Series; “Wyoming Secrets”, “30,000 Secrets” and “Santa Barbara Secrets”

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