Inspiration and motivation from Tessa and Scott

Tessa and Scott, Our journey from childhood dream to Gold.

Tessa was eight and Scott was 10 when they started skating together. Scott was playing hockey and Tessa learning ballet while being taught ice dance. They overcame numerous obstacles during their twenty-one year career which culminated with the Gold Medal for Ice Dancing in 2010 in Vancouver. two Silver Medals at the 2014 Sochi Olympics and two Gold Medals at the Pyeongchang Games in 2018.

They had the support of family, financially and emotionally but while training, they were on their own, drawing strength and motivation from each other.

Sexual assault survivors can gain similar inspiration from other women Read the article below from women who have been there and done that. Notice all the help Tessa and Scott had to achieve their goals. The same help is available from numerous women’s groups. One in particular is Domestic Shelters where counselors will connect you with support in your province or state.

They worked on this program for two years, refining and redefining during their performances leading to the Olympics.
This is their Short Dance. Exquisite.

They won four World Championships, three Four Continents Championships, nine Canadian Championships and six Skate Canada International title.

At Pyeongchang the set the world record for the highest total score in ice dancing.

The Goose is theirs! An incredibly dangerous yet stunning move with Scott squatting, his toes pointing outward with Tessa kneeling on his back with one leg and the other extended behind her.

They trained for years in Michigan and moved to Montreal under the guidance of World Champions Marie-France Dubreuil and Patrice Lauzon in Montreal, Quebec in 2016 in preparation for the 2018 Olympics.

Virtue and Moir had a Team with and behind them. B2Ten was one of those Team members. The duo were having difficulties in portraying their characters convincingly so Cirque du Soleil choreographer Silvia Gonzalez helped achieve the slight nuance changes.

They ran their training like a business with monthly meetings of the fifteen Team members. Lead by Patrice and Marie-France, the members were B2Ten, mental preparation coach Jean-Francois Menard, physiologist Chris Rozdilsky, strength and conditioning coaches Jaime Livingston and Scotty Livingston, physiotherapist John Flood, osteopath Dave Campbell, Pilates instructor Ann McMillan, nutritionist Alexia de Macar, naturopath Kim McQueen and massage therapist Kimberly Wong.

B2ten – Dare To Be Great

We believe that sport & active lifestyles are essential to building a healthy and dynamic Canadian society.

Tessa talks about the invaluable assistance from B2Ten

We mentor the personal development of athletes. In doing so we encourage them to be ambassadors for active and healthy lifestyles as well as to participate in community service projects for the greater good of the society.

B2Ten believes that amateur athletes can have a powerful and positive influence on society in general and young people in particular.

We comprise some of Canada’s business leadership, a unique group of Canada’s sport performance professionals and dedicated volunteers, all of whom share a common purpose: Contribute to a better Canada.

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