“How long did you feel you needed to be on guard after leaving an abuser?”

The majority of my students never feel at ease. Every student masters the Color Code of Awareness.

Condition white, you are relaxed and unaware of what is going on around you. The doors and windows are locked and you know you are safe in your home.

Condition yellow DOES NOT equate with paranoia or any other irrational fear of persons or places. Instead, you simply have moved your alertness to a level of attention that will prevent you from being totally surprised by the actions of another person.

While walking through an area, loosely keep track of anyone behind you. When choosing a seat in a restaurant, position yourself to see the entrance or to minimize the number of people who might be behind you. This video portrays women oblivious of their surroundings. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nz9Q3FPKAJ4

Condition orange, you have identified something of interest that may or may not prove to be a threat.

Until you determine the true nature of whatever has piqued your interest, your “radar” is narrowed to concentrate on the possible threat and will remain so focused until you are satisfied no threat exists.

Condition red. If the focus of your attention in condition orange does something you find threatening, you will shift to condition red, changing the focus of your attention from a potential threat to a potential target.

All women need to be personal safety proactive. The Vancouver Police Department in British Columbia has on-going classes for women. https://dailyhive.com/vancouver/vancouver-police-womens-self-defence-classes-2019-vpd

Here is a story from one of my students. Several months into training she met her former assailant in the grocery store. He walked down the aisle, cocky and arrogant until he got close to her. He stopped. He knew something was different. Her skill level and self control were palpable. He walked by and said, “I can shop here too.”

When she share the story, 29 women cheered loudly, congratulating her and gaining confidence themselves. https://www.jonathanmccormick.com/he-sat-on-my-arms-and-beat-my-face-with-his-fists/

Vancouver Police (British Columbia) Safety Tips.

Thanks to Domestic Shelters for the response here. https://www.facebook.com/210063369158387/posts/1534617533369624/

Personal Safety

Many people fear the possibility of being robbed or assaulted while outside the safety of their home and, though these incidents are fairly rare, they do happen. There are some basic steps that you can take to help prevent an assault or to respond correctly if something does happen.

These are basic steps, so they may seem extremely simple, but they do work. The most important thing in any of these situations is to be aware of your surroundings at all times and to trust your gut instinct. If a certain person, place, or situation makes you feel uncomfortable, get out immediately.”


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Jonathan McCormick holds a Black Belt in Combat Martial Arts. He is a U.S Marine (Inactive), trained with famed CIA operative Rex Applegate and Ultimate Fighter Champion Royce Gracie and was the director of the Institute of Defense Tactics. He is a former member of the American Society of Law Enforcement Trainers and worked with members of various law enforcement agencies in the areas of suspect control and officer safety. He has written for law enforcement magazines BlueLine (www.blueline.ca) and Twenty-Four-Seven and has been a guest writer for the Vancouver Province. “Wyoming Secrets”, “30,000 Secrets”, “Santa Barbara Secrets” and The “J” Team Series are inspirational novels which focus on women who feel overwhelmed by the threat of violence in their lives. View the Series
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