Honoring the women murdered at Ecole Polytechnique in Montreal

I trust I did the souls of the murdered women justice by portraying Jessica and her colleagues with strong and supportive characteristics, to propel women not to allow themselves to ever be placed in a powerless position.

Collage courtesy of John Tory

From “Wyoming Secrets”.

“Jessica was a second-generation Japanese American Canadian whose parents were professionals in Toronto. Her dad Glenn was born and educated in California, taking his Doctorate-Ed.D. in education from the University of California at Berkeley, then a job at the University of Toronto where he rose to the College of Education’s department head.

Her parents had met during at an anti-Vietnam rally in front of the Toronto city hall years ago. Shelia was from a conservative Irish Canadian home, graduated from Ecole Polytechnique in Montreal with a Masters in political science and worked for an American think tank in Toronto when she and Glenn met. Shelia was dedicated to women’s empowerment and breaking the cycle of women at the bottom of society’s economy and had cemented her commitment to women’s rights after the 1989 shootings which left 14 classmates dead. She never realized that the incident would be the starting point for Jessica’s law enforcement interest let alone her daughter’s demon and relationship breaker.

“The fact that a man could walk into a university classroom with an illegal firearm and open fire on female students, was appalling to the young Fukishura and she decided then and there that she would somehow curb psychopaths.”

The Star remembers

The Series

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