Holiday office parties. How to attend without being sued or arrested.

Too often employees feel the need to change their office behavior at a holiday party. Doing so has lead to divorces, being fired and law suites.

Don’t become a statistic. You can attend the party, make your presence known, don’t consume alcohol and leave after thirty minutes.

“Employees of all levels of seniority and experience can take a company holiday party as license to relax standards of professional behavior. With the holiday season approaching, employees and employers should keep certain points in mind that can help prevent or address sexual harassment or other inappropriate conduct that occurs all-too-often at events that should be considered an extension of the workplace. “

Sexual Harassment – Still Not Allowed Away From the Office. Many people do not realize that sexual harassment may give rise to legal claims even if it is committed outside the office, by non-employees (such as clients, vendors and the friends or family of other employees), or when employees are “off the clock.” Employers should ensure that employees are aware of the fact that workplace standards of conduct still apply at company events and parties, and should redistribute the company’s policy against harassment and code of conduct in advance of such occasions. Employees also should dress appropriately and consistent with workplace standards of dress at company events – simply because an event is a party or away from the office does not mean that anything goes.

Don’t sacrifice your dignity and pride to make everyone, or anyone happy either at an office party of at the office.

Report and Respond To Inappropriate Conduct. Employees who experience or witness inappropriate or unlawful conduct should report the conduct promptly and review the company’s complaint policy and procedure. Supervisory employees should be made aware that they must set a good example at company events, monitor alcohol consumption, and should report any inappropriate or dangerous conduct to higher management and/or Human Resources immediately (and intervene themselves when necessary). As with all employee complaints, the employer should conduct an investigation and take remedial or disciplinary action where appropriate. Retaliation against an employee who reports unlawful sexual harassment is prohibited by law, and the employee should consult an attorney in the event this occurs.

Thank you Wigdoor Law for these helpful suggestions.

Men. Some men. Are evaluating their workplace relationships with women and questioning whether they might have acted inappropriately.

“It has been a confusing season for America’s working men, as the conversation around workplace harassment reveals it to be a nationwide epidemic — and many men wonder if they were involved or ignored the signs. “

“Across white-collar workplaces, rank-and-file men are awakening to the prevalence of sexual harassment and assault after high-profile cases including those of Harvey Weinstein, Mark Halperin and Louis C.K. Those cases helped inspire the #MeToo campaign, in which thousands of women have posted about their own harassment experiences on social media. Now many men who like to think they treat women as equals in the workplace are starting to look back at their own behavior and are wondering if they, too, have overstepped at work — in overt or subtle ways that would get them included in a #MeToo post. “

“Some (men) said they planned to be a lot more careful in interacting with women because they felt that the line between friendliness and sexual harassment was too easy to cross. Others are struggling to reconcile how these behaviors could happen even among men who believe in equal rights.”

Reaction when you tell her.

Our thanks to the New York Times for this valuable information.

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