Flirting with death.

Violent men will always abound and police are reactive. Women need to be proactive embracing themselves and their safety. h

Flirting is harmless fun right? Think again – just ask Steph…or don’t. #FlirtingWithDeath #VPD— Cst Anne-Marie Clark (@VPD2Fox15) January 4, 2019

Ensure your social surroundings are safe.

We aren’t going to control or eliminate violent men. What we can do is be proactive and learn the skills to handle any situation that may occur.

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  1. So many women are joining movements the objectives of which are obscure and finding themselves striking out at all men rather than those who are perpetuating sexist and misogynistic behavior.

    I agree with this post in that violent men are not going to change. The scene in Thelma and Louise where the rapist is confronted with a revolver and is still bent on raping. Louise shoots him.

    If Thelma had the physical and social skills to prevent the attack then the shooting wouldn’t have been necessary.

  2. Referring to the excellent video distributed by the VPD, I saw that behavior many times in university.
    As soon as a woman enters a bar, every male head turns in her direction and if she is by herself, the men jostle to see who can make contact first.

    I volunteered for a campus safety group, walking women home from classes or social engagements and often spoke about how the women were putting themselves in danger.

    Many of these highly intelligent women countered with, “I shouldn’t have to protect myself, men need to stop being animals.”

    I knew there was no point in discussing the issue and although they have a point, it isn’t reality. That is like saying countries shouldn’t squabble, there should be no unemployment or poverty.

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