Finding a Shelter, Domestic Abuse Survivor’s Guide

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Finding a shelter

DO NOT WAIT until your situation disintegrates into this:

“Seeking shelter can be a temporary move, to ensure your immediate safety and the safety of your children, or it can be part of a permanent plan to leave your abuser. Shelter may be the first step, followed by transitional, and then, hopefully, new and permanent housing.”

As far as money goes, shelters are not hotels and will never charge you. Executive Director Alden Henrickson of the Rape and Abuse Crisis Service shelter Rape and Abuse Crisis Service in Jefferson City, Mo., says, “We don’t charge clients anything. We don’t care how much money you have or don’t have.”

Please share with someone you know needing to leave an abusive relationship. It may save a great deal of suffering.

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  1. Please share with everyone you know that they in turn can do likewise with those in need. Calling the police is mandatory for your initial action if you can not leave covertly.

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