by Eric Wilson:

Liz Austen drives straight into trouble after arriving in romantic Victoria for the wedding of her best friend, Tiffany. After dangerous moments on the dark ocean waters where she and Tiffany miss a near collide with a power boat-not an accident-the two are swept up in the strange world of the ancient Thirteen Oaks mansion and its troubled inhabitants, the deMornay family.

Not realizing the tension and antagonization she is causing others Liz takes a morning from wedding preparations to visit the grave Emily Car’s grave. Carr is world famous for her paintings and Emily Carr College of Arts.

“At Emily Carr’s grave I was touched by the inscription Artist and Author, love of nature. I took a photo, then wandered on. I stayed on the paved walkways, wanting to avoid crossing an unmarked grave (as many people know, doing so can cause your body to develop a serious rash). One tombstone was called Pooley’s marble angel, it was said to cry on nights with a full moon, according to the guidebook.”

‘Too bad I missed the full moon, I thought.’

“In the guidebook, Cambridge had underline several notes in green ink. Walking west I studied the notes, trying to find a pattern. One note referred to a teenager who’d drowned in the Gorge waterway, so perhaps Cambridge…..

Somewhere in the cemetery, a stick cracked loudly. I lifted my head and looked around-there were a lot of big tombstones. Bushes and trees also provided hiding places.

I could feel my heart thumping. For moments I waited. Nothing stirred but the occasional leaf drifting to earth.

I stared at a cobweb, shining on a stone cross-it was beautiful, but I felt frightened. I decided to go home. Closing the guidebook, I lowered my packsack to stuff the book away. But my camera accidentally fell, smacking hard against the paved walkway. Annoyed, I picked up the camera-had it been damaged?

He came out of nowhere, a blur of motion.

Energy pumped through my body. I rolled swiftly aside to avoid the attack, then sprang into the ready position I knew from martial arts. Behind me a hill fell down to Dallas Road. I breathed deeply, centring my energy and power in my torso.

The attacker wore a ski mask-all I could see were his eyes. For a moment he stared, then he lunged at me. Stepping swiftly aside and bringing up my foot, I kicked out at his leg. He yelled in pain and surprise, then he went over the side. As he disappeared, I heard branches breaking and rocks pouring down the slope. Running to the edge, I looked down. The guy stood up, painfully and slowly and gave me a malignant stare before limping quickly away. Then he was gone from sight.

I knew what I had to do. I was going straight to the police.”

Read how Liz gets herself out of this tough spot while continuing to enjoy other adventures in and around Victoria, British Columbia.