“Don’t worry, be happy!” But can we? Should we always be happy?

“Here’s a piece of Canadian trivia for you: Canada ranks among the highest consumers of antidepressants in the world. Yes, it’s true. Even here at GSC, our data shows that we pay more money in claims for antidepressants than any other type of medication – year after year after year.”

Bobby McFerrin singing, “Don’t worry, be happy!”

“Think about it. Everyone wants to be happy, right? As a society, we increasingly hold happiness up as a fundamental human right. Whether in our jobs, our marriages, our families and friendships, we are constantly pursuing “happiness” in all aspects of our lives.”

Green Shield discusses our obsession with being happy.

“…if you’re not feeling happy in your life 100% of the time, then you’re just not doing it right.”

“In Canada, the antidepressant drug market is a nearly $2 billion dollar industry. Family doctors do the bulk of prescribing – often with little formal training in doing so. And because the diagnostic criteria for “major depressive disorder’ are so broad and flexible, doctors are offering antidepressants more freely – especially as patients are asking for them.”

PhD candidate Gillian Mandich discusses Happiness on The Social

“According to a popular Christmas carol, it’s the most wonderful time of the year, but the truth is this: it’s not always wonderful for everyone. Science shows that expectations for holiday joy remain over-confident year after year. As we move into the holiday season, it is important thing to remember that this time of year really is about celebrating: celebrating family, celebrating love, and celebrating that every day is a gift, that’s why it’s called the present.”

Gillian Mandich is a PhD candidate at Ontario’s Western University .

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