Why is this concept so difficult for some men to understand?

Maybe if more women behaved as did Daisy in this reenactment, they would either learn or become a frequent patient at the hospital.


“He sat on my chest with his knees on my arms and beat my face with his fists.”

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Jonathan McCormick holds a Black Belt in Combat Martial Arts. He is a U.S Marine (Inactive), trained with famed CIA operative Rex Applegate and Ultimate Fighter Champion Royce Gracie and was the director of the Institute of Defense Tactics. He is a former member of the American Society of Law Enforcement Trainers and worked with members of various law enforcement agencies in the areas of suspect control and officer safety. He has written for law enforcement magazines BlueLine ( and Twenty-Four-Seven and has been a guest writer for the Vancouver Province. “Wyoming Secrets”, “30,000 Secrets”, “Santa Barbara Secrets” and The “J” Team Series are inspirational novels which focus on women who feel overwhelmed by the threat of violence in their lives. View the Series
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  1. Barbara Hall. Thank you for this vital social message. More women need to know to hit first. This asshole deserved far more than Daisy inflicted.

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