Dating violence. What parents think they know and what is really happening.

Parents, learn the language and communication devices/methods then start a dialog where you ask, listen and do not judge. Don’t be like this mother shown below, lecturing. You will be shut out.

Among their findings:

Teens and young adults think adults generally disrespect or distrust their dating relationships
Youth said adults were “likely unaware or uninformed” about topics like technology and social media as they play a role in relationships, as well as the frequency and triviality of sex among teens.

Teens said sex was “far less tied to emotions, moral values or commitment” than adults may think.

A young person’s peer network is the main influencer on dating behaviors and attitudes, far beyond other frames of reference like television and social media.

Teens said the high school environment was particularly impactful on teen dating, creating “a sense of intensity and drama” and limiting teens’ perspective of the importance of dating.

Teens face challenges in their ability to recognize unhealthy or abusive characteristics while in a relationship, which can contribute to the incidence of abuse.


Profile of an abuser

“A disposable number is also handy for dating. Sometimes, you’re just not quite sure things are going to work out. If you’re worried about a prospect getting too attached after you’ve politely declined, a temporary number can you save you the hassle and headache of blocking someone from your phone and worrying if they have your number memorized.”

Pure Talk differentiates between burner and prepaid phones

Research revealed that parents need to listen and learn.

Listen and Learn

“The more open a parent’s dialogue with their kids is, the more likely adults are to pick up the subtle cues that speak to where and when teens are experiencing that grey area of dating violence—the one that isn’t overtly unhealthy but still raises red flags.”

Why are we allowing our children to leave for post secondary education without a firm knowledge and understanding of the perils of dating?

Sexual assaults on university campuses.

Sexual violence. Men, here’s what you can do to stop it.

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