Close Encounters

These unique Bear & Cougar Encounter Courses will help you stay safe!

Eyer Training Services offers four certificate courses. Each includes an information packed seminar and an action packed field session. Each builds knowledge, attitudes and physical skills to keep people safe!

McCormick Demonstrating the various knife techniques

Jonathan McCormick Demonstrates the various knife techniques

Jonathan McCormick Demonstrates how to use your feet as a last resort

Jonathan McCormick Demonstrates how to use your feet as a last resort

3 Courses for Industry and Government Field Staff:

Bear & Cougar Encounters – Standard Course

  • Designed for employees who spend considerable time in the field or away from vehicles or buildings
  • 7 hour seminar – very complete
  • 5’h hour field session – 12 to 14 scenarios, several using a 60 kph charging target
  • Employees take this course once then take the shorter Refresher Course.
  • Develops highest knowledge, skill and confidence level

Bear & Cougar Encounters – Refresher Course

  • Designed for employees who have taken the Standard
  • Course or several bear safety courses
  • 4 hour seminar – review and new material
  • 3 hour field session – 8 to 10 scenarios, some using charging target
  • Not recommended as a first time course
  • Sharpens skills and improves confidence

Bear & Cougar Hazard Awareness


  • Designed for employees who spend less time in the field and are usually near a vehicle or a building
  • 3 hour seminar
  • 1’/2 hour field session – 3 common scenarios
  • Provides the minimum knowledge and skill level
  • Improves awareness and develops basic skills

A Complete Course for the General Public:

Bear & Cougar Encounters – Rural and Recreational Course

  • Designed for people who live in rural areas or who recreate in the backcountry
  • 7 hour seminar very complete
  • 5’/2 hour field session 14 scenarios, several using a 60 kph charging target
  • Replaces myths with knowledge
  • Develops good skill, and confidence level

Student Comments:

The following comments are taken from recent course evaluations by students and are used with their permission.

This course was probably the most suitable and useful course ! could take for working in the outdoors. – K. Simpson

I very much enjoyed the course and now feel confident that I would be able to handle an encounter with confidence. – J. Borsteinas

Information on bear/cougar behaviour, how to react, what to do was very useful. – D. Lewthwaite

All very interesting, videos were great! (The field exercises were) very well done. They gave me a better sense of what to expect, but you would need to practice. – L. Citra

I gained a lot of knowledge from the seminar . . . all very good topics. – P. Coldwell

Outdoor drills reinforced and “imprinted” classroom information. – D. Howell

The course was very valuable in building my confidence when I’m in the bush. – K. Stacey

Excellent for the rural lifestyle we lead. The moving target was more realistic than I expected. – P. Simpson

Definitely (useful and relevant). Being with tourists in the outdoors, it is very important that . . . we be aware of our surroundings and behaviour of wild animals. Combined theory and practical made possible encounters more realistic. – A. Freeman

Excerpt from the 100 Mite Free Press, October 24, 2001:

Students in this unique course awoke to a heavy wet covering of snow Sunday that added an interesting dimension to the all day field exercises. Reinforcing the material covered during the previous day’s workshop, the partnered students went through a dozen very realistic scenarios. Using inert bear spra)o, rubber knives, improvised weapons and brain power, participants learned how to defend themselves and what to do when completely unarmed. Cut outs of bears and cougars, a “charging target” and life sized attacking bear enhanced this practical component of the course. Combatants agreed that it didn’t take much to consider the scenarios real life situations, and any misgivings about role playing were quickly dispelled.

Jennifer Raifteiri McArdle


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