How you chose a loser for a partner.

Psychotherapist and relationship coach Rachel Dack says fear and insecurity play a part in staying with a loser.

“When contemplating whether to leave a relationship or not, fear often kicks in. Questions surface: ‘Will I ever find love again? What if I end up alone forever? These questions ignite fear.”

How you chose a looser for a partner.

These are deal breakers for many women and yet many ignore the warnings and stay. They have chosen a loser and won’t cut him loose.

Living with parents (yes, really)

Messiness scored way down on the list of unacceptable behaviors and yet women who choose slobs complain that they are, in fact, slobs.

What didn’t appear on the survey of 619,000 was drugs and alcohol.

“Deal breakers! Absolute, drop-dead, zero-tolerance deal breakers. Let me remind you of the obvious: drugs and alcohol are substances that, if abused, create an altered state of consciousness,” says Dr. Phil McGraw.
Dr. McGraw on addiction in relationships

https:” target=”_blank”>Video. Violent relationships.

If any of his behavior sends up a red flag of addiction, why would you allow the relationship to continue?

If you are already in a toxic relationship, peruse these resources and get out.

Resources, Exiting a toxic relationship.

Racism or bigotry were not addressed in the survey. Would you date someone who held negative views against others based on race or religion?

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