Child abuse. Help stop it.

“Childhelp intervention programs protect children from danger along several steps of crisis resolution. The first step in our approach is the Childhelp National Child Abuse Hotline, a 24/7 resource for children, parents, caregivers, teachers, and concerned individuals who suspect abuse may be occurring. The hotline offers crisis intervention, information, literature and referrals to thousands of emergency, social service, and support resources. On average, the Childhelp National Child Abuse hotline receives well over 100,000 child abuse calls a year. While we have made significant progress, there’s still so much more work to be done! The next step in the intervention of child abuse is providing children with a safe place to live. Childhelp Group Homes give children a place to call home with counseling, therapy, support and the structure needed to heal. Lastly, Childhelp’s Foster Care & Adoption Services work with children and families to find good long-term matches to ensure that every child’s future is brighter than their past. Read more about each of our specific intervention programs by clicking the links below. “

“She’d been looking for a man for a while. She was a mother with three little girls. She did not have a job. That was a lot to take on for anyone. Her second marriage had ended a year earlier. He started sleeping in her bedroom every night after they met. A few weeks later, I woke up to find them both gone. It was Christmas Eve morning. She’d left a note. They had gone to Vegas, a four-hour drive. Watch your two younger sisters, please. They’d be back that night.”

YOU DON’T OWN ME! Angry teens.

Whether the issue is parents not vaccinating their children and now, as teens, revolting and having the vaccination or parents directing their teens into careers, relationships or social encounters against their will, teens are rebelling in numbers greater than seen in many years.

Far too many teens feeling hopeless, leave home and end up on the street. Some are drawn to the mind numbing euphoria of drugs, some solicit to survive while others struggle to discover if a normal life exists and if so, what does it look like.

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  1. Jonathan McCormick says:

    If a kid ever tells you that they got slapped/punched/or even just pinched painfully by a parent .. don’t ever tell them ” that’s OK they want what’s best for you .. I’m sure they love you!! they are your parents !!! ” or ” they are under pressure try to be understanding ” .. A CHILD IS NOT A PUNCHBAG FOR STRESSED PARENTS 😡 speak out.. DO SOMETHING before it is too late.

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