Cheaters who lie & attempt to make it your fault.

Mary broke up with her boyfriend when he cheated on her. Years later she ran into him and he had just broken up with his third, since her, girlfriend. Why? You guessed it.

Cheating, then lying about it is a form of abuse, particularly when the lying is accompanied by comments like these.

“You’re overreacting. It wasn’t that bad.

You’re just being emotional.

That never happened—you’re imagining it.”

Thanks to, here is their link to explain the abusive behavior and what you can do to escape.


McMahan remembers sitting at dinner one night with a friend and her boyfriend, who was known to be emotionally abusive. “He called her ‘an f-ing bitch,’” remembers McMahan. When his girlfriend called him out on it, he replied earnestly with, “I didn’t say anything. You must be hearing things.” Janie McMahan, licensed marriage and family therapist.

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2 Responses to Cheaters who lie & attempt to make it your fault.

  1. It will be interesting to see how readers react to this post. When I left Delta Force and went to university, this male attitude was prevalent among the 20+ students and I thought at the time that something was missing in their upbringing.
    What are your thoughts?

  2. I have never experienced this but I have met a lot of women who have. The Casandras group on Friday nights speaks of this often, too often for me. What I don’t understand is why these women allow themselves to be treated this way. Why do we need men to validate our femininity, our very being?

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