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19% of women (surveyed) report workplace harassment.

sexual assault at work

“Verbal abuse was the most common form of harassment for both men and women with 13 per cent of women reporting they’d experienced abuse in the preceding year.” This is why many hospitals and clinics have conspicuous signs reading, “Violence and abusive language will not be tolerated”. Staff need to be trained in delivering acceptable dialog to deescalate but also to have an emergency button to call security. I taught psychiatric nurses defensive tactics which are usable against either verbally or physically aggressive patients. Their union had requested the training … Continue reading

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Vancouver Police Chief Palmer advice re Personal Safety

Vancouver Police Chief Palmer advises citizens to take responsibility for their personal safety. “If you can not hide, fight. You have every right to defend yourself” Police Chief Palmer Watch Vancouver Police Video Vancouver Police Chief Palmer on personal safety Vancouver PD safety tips “Many people fear the possibility of being robbed or assaulted while outside the safety of their home and, though these incidents are fairly rare, they do happen. There are some basic steps that you can take to help prevent an assault or to respond correctly if … Continue reading

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Sexual harassment in the workplace & how to stop it.

What is sexual harassment In the Ontario Human Rights Code (the Code), sexual harassment is “engaging in a course of vexatious comment or conduct that is known or ought to be known to be unwelcome.” In some cases, one incident could be serious enough to be sexual harassment. Sexual harassment can include: Sexual solicitation and advances (i.e. a manager asking for sex in exchange for a promotion) A poisoned environment (i.e. pornographic images in the workplace) Gender-based harassment (i.e. targeting someone for not following sex-role stereotypes) Violence (if inappropriate sexual … Continue reading

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Confidence. Skills. Mind-Set. No Fear

“… (he) chose to make unwanted advances, sexual innuendos and other inappropriate comments.” Cheryl Chapman in “30,000 Secrets”. Skills. No Fear “…(He) rushed her from behind, pushing her up against the bulkhead (wall) and began groping her, running his hand up and down her bare leg. Expecting Chapman to respond as most women would with aggression to escape, he met a very calm female who quietly encouraged him, whispering in his ear that his touch was enjoyable.” Nicole Lyons Chapman had finished her speech to the G-8 representatives and was … Continue reading

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Workplace Violence Prevention

Video link Early Warning Signs “Abuse within relationships isn’t as rare as one might imagine. Current estimates indicate that nearly two thirds of all women have been physically, sexually, or severely emotionally abused by an intimate partner. Men can also be abused, but statistics show that the majority of victims are female. Here’s where the workplace becomes involved: studies tell us that 74% of abused women are employed, and for many, the maltreatment received at home continues at work. For example, abusers frequently call victims on the job to check … Continue reading

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Mr. Trudeau, RCMP Commissioner Paulson has to go. Will you make his replacement a priority?

RCMP Commissioner is preventing the rank and file members the opportunity to organize and participate in collective bargaining. The Conservatives refused to agree to abide by Canada’s Supreme Court and to rid the Force of the antiquated and obstructionist Commissioner Bob Paulson. Mr. Trudeau, will you make rejuvenating Canada’s iconic police force a priority issue? Fear RCMP Thwarting Union Cabinet is accused of thwarting a union drive within the RCMP despite a Supreme Court deadline that first-ever collective bargaining be introduced by January 16, 2016. An association attempting to organize … Continue reading

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Restaurant safety; Would you feel safer knowing the person at the next table is legally armed?

I have enjoyed many American restaurants carrying a concealed, licensed firearm. “Chief Craig credits the decrease in crime in part to the “a number of [concealed-carry permit] holders running around the city of Detroit.” If more Detroit citizens were armed, Chief Craig told a news conference last week, criminals would think twice before attacking them.” “It was a good thing, because the guy was threatening everybody,” Felton said. “There had to be at least 20 people in the restaurant. The guy that works here, he’s a hero. He’s really … Continue reading

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Niqab, pronounced ni-ˈkäb\, acceptable in Western Society?

Where do you stand on this issue? Canada had accepted the Niqab in society but banned it at citizenship ceremonies. Now the latter has been overturned by their highest court allowing women to cover their faces during the public ceremony. Participants do however have to prove their identity in private to a female federal representative. Do you see a problem with the Niqab in Western society? There have already been several bank robberies where male suspects wore Niqabs as their disguise thereby taking bank employees unaware. Are these isolated incidents … Continue reading

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Work Environment. How safe is yours? Is it mentally healthy?

Are you Mentally Safe at Work? by Dr. Jennifer Newman Do you feel safe at work? Maybe you feel physically safe, especially if you take precautions, including using safety equipment, or protecting yourself from repetitive strain injuries at the office. But, what about your psychological safety? Keeping psychologically safe at work is as important as caring for your physical safety. The rise in knowledge work and the increasing complexity of organizations, has made safeguarding one’s mental health a priority. However, psychological hazards exist that can harm staff emotional and mental … Continue reading

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