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Saving your relationship from disaster. Tips from divorce lawyers.

Let’s begin with the positive. These comments and the advice is for same sex couples and opposite sex couples. “Once you win her, you have to keep winning her over every day.” Joseph Cordell Attorney Seven tips to keep your marriage from divorce attorneys. 1. Realize you can lose her. 2. Bring back the little things. 3. Have more sex. 4. Listen! Don’t dominate a conversation. 5. Don’t expect her to be perfect. Know that her body as well as your own is going to change over time. Learn to … Continue reading

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“Times Up” & “MeToo” movements. Are they sustainable? Viola Davis explains, they must be.

“One of the most powerful speeches of the day came from Viola Davis. Davis took to the stage to deliver an empowering message that spoke to the higher rate of sexual assault that women of color face.” Viola Davis’ speech at the Los Angeles Women’s March “I am always introduced as an award-winning actor. But my testimony is one of poverty. My testimony is one of being sexually assaulted and very much seeing a childhood that was robbed from me. And I know that every single day, when I think … Continue reading

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Sexual assault survivors and PTSD

Please read the article, share your input on the web post then share with friends and help eliminate rape culture. My sexual assault survival students undergo intensive counselling by women’s resource staff before they & the counselors begin defensive tactics training. Mary Dolen MA, RCC Registered Clinical Counsellor “70 percent of sexual assault victims experience moderate to severe distress, a larger percentage than for any other violent crime.” Life after rape. PTSD can, “manifest in physical ways, like chronic pain, intestinal problems, muscle cramps, or, as in Lucy’s case (below), … Continue reading

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“Good gals against the contemporary ills of the world? 30,000 Secrets totally rocks.”

“If you like a team of good gals against the contemporary ills of the world then this is the book for you.” Jessica Fukishura Elisabeth Peltowski “Jonathan McCormick has just released his second book in the J-Team series. It is called 30,000 Secrets. It totally rocks. McCormick’s books (the first being Wyoming Secrets) take the side of women as heroes/heroines and enables women with strategies and tactics to help themselves with self-defense maneuvers. A black belt in a number of self-defense arts, McCormick donates a portion of his books to … Continue reading

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Abuse victims turned away from shelters, return to abusers.

We can make a difference in our communities by supporting Women’s Shelters to ensure they have adequate space and protection. Shelter staff should not have to go hat in hand to government begging for funding crumbs but be on the top of financial distribution lists for continual support. “In an anonymous survey on, more than 40 percent of the 247 responders said they chose to return to their abuser when they were turned away from an emergency shelter because of a lack of space. “ “Having nowhere else to … Continue reading

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Fear. Overcoming it and finding courage.

Fear Overcoming it Finding Courage “He sits on my chest and pins my arms with his knees, then beats my face. The last time I was in the hospital with a broken eye socket and jaw for a week. The bruises and humiliation from not leaving compounded my pain.” This Combat Martial Arts student of mine learned to channel her former fear. She left him immediately with the help of the local Women’s Resource Centre and six months later they met by chance in the local grocery store and she … Continue reading

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Rape culture unchanged in twenty-six years.

Time magazine cover 1991 “Ms. Koestner has appeared on the cover of “TIME” Magazine, The Oprah Winfrey Show, the NBC Nightly News, CNBC Talk Live, CNN, Larry King Live, Good Morning America, Later Today, Entertainment Tonight and other national television programs. She is the subject of an HBO movie and has lectured at over 1600 schools in North America. Her audiences include the incoming classes at MIT, West Point, the US Naval Academy, Brown University, Amherst College, Williams College, and many other top universities. Her testimony on Capitol Hill was … Continue reading

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International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day 2017: Five things you need to know International Women’s Day 2017: What is it, how did it start and why is it so important? “International Women’s Day is a worldwide event that celebrates women’s achievements – from the political to the social – while calling for gender equality. It has been observed since the early 1900s and is now recognised each year on March 8. Is is not affiliated with any one group, but brings together governments, women’s organisations, corporations and charities.” Trudeau International Women’s Day $650 … Continue reading

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Domestic Abusers and/or Sexual Assailants often begin as a school Bully

“..bullying stops in less than 10 seconds when someone steps in.” The following is the RCMP taking Pink Shirt Day to another level, providing a detailed description of the various forms of bullying and how the law sees the behavior. Be that person who, “Steps in” to stop bullying by using the tools the Force has offered here and please share this information with everyone you know. You many be unaware that a friend or acquaintance is enduring the pain and suffering of being bullied, and maybe they aren’t, but … Continue reading

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Female inferiority complex. When does it start?

It starts when they are little girls. One parent Tweeted, “I had a great start on steering my daughter to love her body, then society and the media got to her”. “One woman’s quest to get us all to love our bodies more.” The Social’s (Daily talk show on CTV) Hosts respond to Taryn Brumfitt with comments regarding how they can encourage this philosophy while being a role model for their own girls. Host Melissa Grelo commented, “If you are going to communicate with my daughter and want to tell … Continue reading

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