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Vancouver Police Chief Palmer advice re Personal Safety

Vancouver Police Chief Palmer advises citizens to take responsibility for their personal safety. “If you can not hide, fight. You have every right to defend yourself” Police Chief Palmer Watch Vancouver Police Video Vancouver Police Chief Palmer on personal safety Vancouver PD safety tips “Many people fear the possibility of being robbed or assaulted while outside the safety of their home and, though these incidents are fairly rare, they do happen. There are some basic steps that you can take to help prevent an assault or to respond correctly if … Continue reading

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“Learn to Live with Terrorism,” by Police Foundation

We know that life is short, that we could die in an a vehicle accident or similar tragedy, but none of us expect to die in a theater. Is this something with which you can live? Do you have a choice? Terrorism: Learn To Live With It Why Canada and its partners need to focus on defining, mitigating and managing – not eliminating – terrorism by Valarie Findlay, HumanLed Inc. In these days of sound-bites and quotes, the issue of global terrorism by non-state and state-sympathizers has created conundrums … Continue reading

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