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“30,000 Secrets” the first “J” Team Series’ sequel

Jessica, Rebecca and Elisabeth resolve many of their personal issues while working with Canada’s RCMP, the Secret Service and FBI to trace stolen radio active material from a Manitoba facility.

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Domestic Abuse & preventing the darkness that consumes survivors.

“How do we perceive strength? How do we perceive weakness? And what are they both, actually?” Maria Shriver Strength is the ability to stand for your beliefs and moral code, regardless. The compromising often starts at the first meeting or date and once you descend to that darkness, it becomes harder and harder to extricate yourself. “Each year, 13,000 British Columbians ask police for help because a partner or spouse is physically or emotionally abusing them. Each year, more than 30,000 women and children are referred for counselling and outreach … Continue reading

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Most men can’t handle a strong woman.

1. A STRONG WOMAN DOESN’T NEED A MAN TO FIGHT FOR HER. 2. A STRONG WOMAN KNOWS WHAT SHE WANTS. 3. A STRONG WOMAN WILL REQUIRE HONESTY AND                     VULNERABILITY. 4. A STRONG WOMAN IS NOT INTIMIDATED BY INTIMACY. 5. A STRONG WOMAN CAN SEE RIGHT THROUGH LIES. 6. A STRONG WOMAN REQUIRES INTEGRITY AND CONSISTENCY. Read the article for details and the other four reasons! Why men can’t handle strong women Brigadier-General Jennie Carignan Brigadier-General Jennie Carignan Twenty five of … Continue reading

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Stalking Awareness Month

Jessica Fukishima Federal Agent

“Stalking: when a person is repeatedly watched or followed by another to the point of harassment or fear. It is a global issue and is typically committed by someone known to the victim.” Stalking Awareness “In Canada, more than one in ten Canadian women expressed that they have been stalked by someone in a way that made them fear for their life. In 2006, there were 16,000 incidents of criminal harassment or stalking reported to the police, which included being followed, receiving threatening voice messages, receiving unwanted gifts or being … Continue reading

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Take Back the Night….carrying a big stick!

The “J” Team series portrays women struggling with violence. The characters share their successes, failures and overcoming fears and apprehensions through emotionally griping dialog and physical skills. The agents’ physical and emotional responses to antagonists draw the reader to the protagonists’ techniques and style used to overcome adversity. Jessica, Rebecca and Elisabeth encourage readers; to leave abusive situations, to change their environment and to accomplish their goals and dreams. Jackson and Jason exemplify supportive colleagues, comfortable with their sexuality/masculinity, exemplifying male behavior appreciated by many women. Secret Service Agent Jason … Continue reading

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Sexual harassment and assaults. Why is society so blind?

Women do not have to be at the mercy of school administrators or uncaring, unsympathetic law enforcement. Here is an article in Canadian Living. Sexual assault does not always mean, “Rape in a dark alley or rape at knife point.” Included here is an excerpt from “Wyoming Secrets” where Rebecca Simpson is attacked in a restaurant parking lot. The skills she demonstrates are those I teach women. “Have I been Sexually Assaulted?” If I may be so bold as to offer my two cents with a personal experience of … Continue reading

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Sexual Assault, Harassment or “Just being friendly”?

Women, do you receive a casual brush by from a co-worker where his hand glances across your body? How about neck rubs, rubbing a hand up and down your arm, unwanted hugs or other body contact? What about “Uncle Bill” or “Cousin Phil”? Are these examples of sexual assault or sexual harassment or neither? Here is what the British Columbia law reads regarding sexual assault. “Sexual violence exists on a continuum: at the low end of the continuum are acts of unwanted sexual touching.” WHAT IS SEXUAL HARASSMENT? In … Continue reading

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