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Vancouver Police Chief Palmer advice re Personal Safety

Vancouver Police Chief Palmer advises citizens to take responsibility for their personal safety. “If you can not hide, fight. You have every right to defend yourself” Police Chief Palmer Watch Vancouver Police Video Vancouver Police Chief Palmer on personal safety Vancouver PD safety tips “Many people fear the possibility of being robbed or assaulted while outside the safety of their home and, though these incidents are fairly rare, they do happen. There are some basic steps that you can take to help prevent an assault or to respond correctly if … Continue reading

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Children. Preparing them for the school year involves more than a new outfit.

The first few days of your child’s new school year are filled with excitement and enthusiasm. Summer’s over and the thrill of classroom learning has returned. Yet how do you share your concern for your child’s safety without dampening her enthusiasm? Create hypothetical situations then ask your child, “What would you do in that situation?” This approach doesn’t put your child in the discussion’s center but affords him the opportunity to evaluate a possible scenario. Canada’s RCMP “Street Proofing” Safety Tips Frequent discussion and a preventive approach will reduce … Continue reading

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