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My sources are SWAT supervisors,their Emergency Response Team, the Secret Service, a former CIA operative with whom I trained, the Seattle Police Department and King County Sheriffs. The martial arts techniques employed are those I teach to law enforcers and military police, utilizing my sixth Degree Black Belt in Combat Martial Arts. Black Press publishes my short stories and bi-weekly column while Harper Collins publishes my personal defense scenes for other authors. Readers are following Fukishura and the “J” Team on Facebook.

American vis-à-vis Canadian et alii

American overload on Facebook? A former student pointed out what he thought was an overabundance of Americana on my Facebook news feed and wondered as a Canadian, why I seemed to put so much emphasis on Americanism. He was correct. In promoting the “J” Team Series, my publisher wanted me to do my part, (or, as my journalism instructor would say, “Flogging your work”), by involving my readers in subject matters pertaining to my books, thinking readers would be American, hence the Americana. After hearing from my former student and … Continue reading

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Cold in the Sack!

I was having lunch with friends and an acquaintance of theirs when she asked if I knew a particular fellow. I responded that I did and she asked if he lived around here. I replied, “Yes, he does, on a cul-de-sac off Birch.” She responded, “Are you gay?” I smiled and asked why she would ask such a question. Very seriously appearing, she said that she had asked where this man lived and I had said that he was, “Cold in the sack”. Not wanting to continue the topic I … Continue reading

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Quesadillas and Red Wine!!

“Jessica secured the conference room and slowly walked back to the living room, noting Jason had already left and the horses had been moved from the pastures into the barns for their nighttime safety. The security flood lights were basking the out-buildings in an artificial Sunlight which was so effective an insomniac would have trouble differentiating night and day. She moved slowly around the leather grouping in front of the dwindling fire, reached into the wood pile next to the stone edifice and placed three, four foot logs onto the … Continue reading

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Women hitting on guys!

How do guys react when they are hit on by powerful women? What is their reaction when any retort falls flat and creates embarrassment? Thanks to Buzz Feed Video for the clip. Secret Service Agent Rebecca Simpson and veterinarian, Dr. Pam are having breakfast at StoneHead’s The Bread Basket when a deputy sheriff attempts to interview Simpson regarding her concealed .45. The deputy in unaware of Simpson’s law enforcement status and is not prepared for the embarrassment that his interview created. “30 Thousand Secrets, a “J” Team Novel” The … Continue reading

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Fitness for 2015! An objective or just order in?

These tips apply to men and women. Do you initiate any of these? Which do you do regularly? Any you plan to incorporate for 2015? Or, just screw it and order a large pepperoni? The “J” Team are exceptionally fit but Rebecca and Jackson hit Cassandra’s every Friday night. Rebecca with Dr. Pam and Jackson with the latest arranged date from his StoneHead High School colleagues.

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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from the “J” Team!

Thank you for for the overwhelming support for “Wyoming Secrets” and your tremendous support and encouragement for the first sequel, “30,000 Secrets” which should be out this time next year. Christmas E Card courtesy of Orange Jacket was a Nordstrom purchase in Denver by Rebecca and Dr. Pam on their Shop Till You Drop weekender. The evening gown is Jessica Fukishura Supervising Special Agent and “J” Team Leader’s choice for a White House Social Event. The gown has a full skirt for her 9 mm strapped in a … Continue reading

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What threats lurk to dampen your holiday spirit?

“Don’t Drink and Drive.” A no brainer. Right? Not for everyone…….unfortunately. We’re inundated with that message on the tube, radio, print and cyberspace and yet we seem to always get drunks behind the wheel, more so during the holidays. How can we make this a historical year; no alcohol related vehicular accidents? Of course the obvious answer is, “Take responsibility for your behavior,” but common sense and the obvious are not always synonymous, or the norm. If you’re hosting a party, it’s your responsibility to make sure everyone has a … Continue reading

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Firearms confiscation justified or a violation of civil rights.

“You can’t call yourself a ‘legal handgun owner’ if you are not complying with the law. People who are reckless about their legal responsibilities concerning their license, may also be lax about their (other) responsibilities,” says Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair in his discussion of the confiscation of of 400 legally registered firearms in Toronto recently. The firearms’ owner’s crime? Forgetting to renew their Possession and Acquisition firearms permit on time. Comments by law enforcement management that there isn’t and never was a law enforcement objective to confiscate firearms from … Continue reading

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Bill Maher, crass and insensitive or humoring with the truth?

Bill Maher discusses Canada’s terrorism. “The shooter, we know now, was a convert to, well, I don’t want to be called a bigot so I’ll just say ‘a religion.’ I don’t know which one. That’s how much of a liberal I am because it’s equally likely it could be any religion.” Thanks to Global for the clip. View the clip and share your reaction.

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Winter! Are you ready? Are your animals?

“If you see something, say something… to the Police and Rural Crime Watch” You’ve brought in the hoses, packed away the rakes, wheel barrels and watering cans and have the snow shovel leaning by the back door. You are ready for the white stuff. But are your animals? Are they ready for winter and if not, what are you planning to do to make them so? Whether you are a rural Urbanite or a true Ruralist with acreage, barns and animals, you need to ensure your pets and livestock are … Continue reading

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