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19% of women (surveyed) report workplace harassment.

sexual assault at work

“Verbal abuse was the most common form of harassment for both men and women with 13 per cent of women reporting they’d experienced abuse in the preceding year.” This is why many hospitals and clinics have conspicuous signs reading, “Violence and abusive language will not be tolerated”. Staff need to be trained in delivering acceptable dialog to deescalate but also to have an emergency button to call security. I taught psychiatric nurses defensive tactics which are usable against either verbally or physically aggressive patients. Their union had requested the training … Continue reading

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Medical doctors with different salaries. Discrimination?

Canada’s federal Liberal government has promised to eliminate pay inequity. But can they? Within the medical field, is it discrimination based on gender or is the pay difference attributed to another element? Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms, Article 15 deals with the right to equality. Equality Rights Marginal note:Equality before and under law and equal protection and benefit of law 15. (1) Every individual is equal before and under the law and has the right to the equal protection and equal benefit of the law without discrimination and, in … Continue reading

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“Don’t worry, be happy!” But can we? Should we always be happy?

“Here’s a piece of Canadian trivia for you: Canada ranks among the highest consumers of antidepressants in the world. Yes, it’s true. Even here at GSC, our data shows that we pay more money in claims for antidepressants than any other type of medication – year after year after year.” Bobby McFerrin singing, “Don’t worry, be happy!” “Think about it. Everyone wants to be happy, right? As a society, we increasingly hold happiness up as a fundamental human right. Whether in our jobs, our marriages, our families and friendships, we … Continue reading

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Justine Trudeau…broken promises.

“High School Student Presses Trudeau On ‘Third World’ Indigenous Living Conditions.” My life. My decision. My education. by Scott Gilmore “But here is the question the elders and adults of Attawapiskat have to ask themselves: Does their right to live on a remote reserve supersede their children’s right to grow up in a healthy and viable community? Or even to just grow up? Under no circumstance would we want to return to the forced relocations of the past. This is a question of choice, not compulsion. But at some … Continue reading

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Driven by compassion, not profit….Canada’s Health Care System

Canadians, this is a MUST SEE program. It highlights 24 hours in the Canadian Health Care system. Sunday nights on CBC. Canadian Health Care is not “Free”, they pay for it through a variety of taxes and personal premiums. Canadian doctors do not have to contact an HMO (insurance company) for permission on treatment or drug therapy. They do not have to contact an HMO to refer their patient to a specialist or order any and all tests. Canadians are not rejected because they do not have insurance or their … Continue reading

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