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Is the relationship worth saving?

Social media is bounteous with negatives regarding men, women, relationships and reasons for divorce. Is yours worth saving? “Rescuing your relationship means rescuing you. Until you begin to live with dignity, respect, and emotional integrity, you will not have that quality and level of interaction with anyone else.” Phil McGraw “Elisabeth Henson is a mom that went on quite a big rant after she saw a photo her husband has taken of himself and their baby. The cute photo shows the father cradling the baby while eating a snack. However, … Continue reading

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“It’s Worth The Read. Women In Their 40’s+ Give Advice To Their 20-Something Selves”

LEAVE AT THE FIRST LIE! Live alone for a while. Many women jump at the chance to have a roommate or worse, live with a man. These women have zero transition from living with parents to spreading their wings. To do things without thinking of anyone but themselves. Don’t go to bars, pubs or taverns to mingle with like minded people. A night out with friends with whom you have a vocation or avocation in common with dinner and a few drinks, but hitting bars to get drunk is a … Continue reading

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Halloween Safety Tips from a Secret Service Agent

Thanks Jonathan for the opportunity to share some safety ideas around Halloween we utilized at the LAPD. “He was at least 6′ tall. A baby bonnet hugged his bushy blonde hair and he weighed in at, must have been around 180 lbs. He was naked except for a huge diaper and running shoes….and the bonnet. In his right hand was a baby bottle half full of amber liquid. “I had responded to the doorbell ringing and expected, upon its opening, that I would be greeted by young goblins and star … Continue reading

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The Secret to Happiness! What is yours?

Happy Monday! Aaron Hutchins writes in the March 6 issue of MacLean’s magazine that one of the keys is routines. “We are what we repeatedly do,” wrote historian and philosopher Will Durant, paraphrasing Aristotle, in The Story of Philosophy. “Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” For some, happiness is as simple as good food and wine. “The iconic line, ‘Don’t mess with Texas,’ Rubin points out, started out as a slogan for an anti-littering campaign. Over five years, visible roadside litter fell by 72 per cent. … Continue reading

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