Canada’s RCMP offer advice and video support for survivors.

From the Yukon, Brenda Butterworth-Carr is the Commander of British Columbia’s “E” Division, the largest in Canada.

“In a crisis situation, victims of sexualized assault need to know what their options are, whether they want to report it or not,” says Collyn Lovelace, co-ordinator of the Yukon Women’s Coalition. “Knowing what to expect is a huge part of making an informed choice.”

“The videos walk victims through the step-by-step process of reporting domestic violence and sexual assault to police. They also explain what the court process is, including what the courtroom looks like, and what questions they may be asked.”

The following videos are presented to women by women.

Watch video on how to report sexual assault in the Yukon

Watch video of options for sexual assault survivors.

Watch the video of options for Domestic Violence survivors.

Read how the RCMP in the Yukon is reaching out to survivors.

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2 Responses to Canada’s RCMP offer advice and video support for survivors.

  1. These videos are an excellent tool for survivors and for the RCMP which is attempting to change its image from the former misogynist.

    And for these I salute them but women need more as I found out volunteering for the women’s association at university. Women need to be proactive, to have the tools to avoid and if necessary defeat an attack, whether it be a date or a relationship partner.

    Here is one source from Vancouver Police Department’s Chief.

  2. Three remarkable videos commentated by women for women. The fact that the RCMP is now lead by a woman can not be over mentioned.

    Kudos to Commissioner Lucki for one of her first successful missions.

    For Americans, this would be like our having a woman lead the FBI.

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