Bullying. How do your children respond?

Bullying and intimidation can be mental and/or physical. Is teaching your child to throw the first punch during mental harassment/bullying an answer?

I have taught many children to respond to physical bullying; school bus assaults, playground attacks and classroom harassment. There are many martial artists who will do likewise for your children.

Is this advice you would provide your child?

5 Bullying Prevention Resources for the New School Year

Bullying. STOP it

Thanks to Prevnet.ca for their invaluable information.

Children who submit to bullies at an early age are often targets for rapists, sexual and domestic abusers.

Don’t allow your child become a victim.

I have taught many children skills to thwart bullies and every parent claims they approached school administrators for help and were given lip service.

I scrutinized a school district for the RCMP. The Force wanted to know if the information the district was sharing with them was accurate. Was the district really doing all the could to stop bullying.

They weren’t and the Force altered their approach to that district in the case of Active Shooter because the district was not following through with disciplining bullies.

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