Breakups. They are hard to do. Read the experts’ advice.

View Jason Alexander’s take on how to end a relationship.

“Rescuing your relationship means rescuing you. Until you begin to live with dignity, respect, and emotional integrity, you will not have that quality and level of interaction with anyone else.” Phil McGraw

In “Santa Barbara Secrets” Dr. Penelope Barker and Rebecca Simpson explore their new relationship, asking the tough questions regarding emotional commitment, their past heterosexual relationships and what brought them together. The third in the “J” Team series is available at Amazon, your library and local women’s resource center.

If you are involved in a relationship issue, “Santa Barbara Secrets” might be for you.

Relationship issues? Are you struggling to make sense of each day? Read from the link below for expert advice on how to evaluate your current situation.

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Jonathan McCormick holds a Black Belt in Combat Martial Arts. He is a U.S Marine (Inactive), trained with famed CIA operative Rex Applegate and Ultimate Fighter Champion Royce Gracie and was the director of the Institute of Defense Tactics. He is a former member of the American Society of Law Enforcement Trainers and worked with members of various law enforcement agencies in the areas of suspect control and officer safety. He has written for law enforcement magazines BlueLine ( and Twenty-Four-Seven and has been a guest writer for the Vancouver Province. “Wyoming Secrets”, “30,000 Secrets”, “Santa Barbara Secrets” and The “J” Team Series are inspirational novels which focus on women who feel overwhelmed by the threat of violence in their lives. View the Series
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3 Responses to Breakups. They are hard to do. Read the experts’ advice.

  1. I have never been in a relationship. Ever. Until now. I can’t recall ever being on a third date and I never went steady with a guy in high school. I never hung out with girls either for that matter.

    Horses, rodeos, chores and school were my joys.

    My relationship with Penelope is new but I believe our affection for each other will stand the test of time.

    For those who are having relationship issues, this post may help. I really don’t know.

  2. I haven’t been in any serious relationships. Women tend to shy away from military men given their mobility and historic lack of commitment.

    But I could see myself in George’s position (Jason Alexander in video) because I know I would make a mess of breaking up.

  3. I am with Jackson above. I too haven’t been in any serious relationships. After I graduated from UCLA, I joined the LAPD. I dated a bit but it seemed that the only women who were interested were cop groupies. No thanks.
    Then I went undercover for several years and after that I was seconded to the Secret Service to track down North African insurgents planning to attack the president.
    Since returning to the states I have been with the J Team.

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