Assault Survivors. How can you help when they aren’t ready?

“Your sister/best friend/coworker/neighbor discloses to you that he or she is having “relationship difficulties.” With a bit more digging, you come to learn these difficulties are actually domestic abuse—psychological, emotional, verbal, sexual — there may even be physical violence occurring. Your heart drops and your anger level rises. You jump into advice-giving mode: This is what you’re going to do now, you say, and you begin counseling your friend on how to leave their partner.”

Domestic Shelters. Educate, Listen & Support, Reassure & Remind

Read Sue Villilo, CHOICES for Victims of Domestic Violence

Listen and support unconditionally.

Survey results. When you were experiencing abuse, what did someone do that you found most helpful?

Our appreciation to Domestic Shelters for their advice to and support of sexual assault survivors.

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  1. I never know what to say or how to help so this post is helpful. Besides I believe reading about women who react physically when assaulted is therapeutic and motivating for survivors.

    There is a scene in “30,000 Secrets” where Elisabeth is returning to her pub table from the restroom when a guy grabs her butt. Her reaction!!!!

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