“The Alberta Council of Women’s Shelters’ (ACWS) report also says two-thirds of women in Alberta shelters stated they were at “severe” or “extreme” risk of being killed by their partner.”

Asking for help is not as easy as some observers believe.

Survivors of domestic violence say reaching out for help is often a major challenge.

“It’s a very secretive terror. You often don’t want to admit to anyone that you are living through this experience,” said Monique Auffrey.”

Women and children are often turned away from shelters with no room.

“No one was put on this earth to live a life of fear.” Jessica Fukishura “Barkley Sound Secrets.

“A new report says domestic abuse rates are the highest they’ve been in 10 years, and 23,247 Alberta women, children and seniors requesting admission were turned away that in the last two years due to lack of available shelter space.”

“We are working at full capacity right now so we have a 100 per cent occupancy rate and our counselors are also working around the clock to offer services,” said Jorge Torres from the Brenda Strafford Foundation.

“Auffrey is now the CEO at Discovery House, a women’s shelter in Calgary that is dedicated to helping other families in the aftermath of abusive relationships. “

Shelters have an impressive success rate.

“The ACWS report also states the 96 per cent of women and seniors who have stayed in a shelter do not return to an abusive relationship.”

Thank you Stephanie Thomas and CTV news.

What can Albertans do to change the situation?

“Torres says increased awareness, fundraising and volunteers can help address domestic violence in Alberta.”

Take this risk assessment test for yourself or someone else and share the results.

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