Abuse victims turned away from shelters, return to abusers.

We can make a difference in our communities by supporting Women’s Shelters to ensure they have adequate space and protection.
Shelter staff should not have to go hat in hand to government begging for funding crumbs but be on the top of financial distribution lists for continual support.

“In an anonymous survey on DomesticShelters.org, more than 40 percent of the 247 responders said they chose to return to their abuser when they were turned away from an emergency shelter because of a lack of space.

“Having nowhere else to go is just one of the reasons survivors do the unthinkable and return to their abusers. Some, however, choose homelessness over abuse. The National Center on Family Homelessness reports some 50 percent of homeless women cite domestic abuse as the reason they are living on the streets.”

“It was instantaneous. I was totally cut off from friends,” she says. “Deep down I think I was embarrassed to tell my family I had returned. All of a sudden I was away from their circle of protection and away from their logic. I lost my confidence and independence.”

“I became much more fearful for my life,” she says. “He took pleasure in stirring up fear in me knowing he would kill me. I was literally afraid to walk down the hall with my back to him.”

Read of the terror and what we can do to stop it here at DomesticShelters.org

Why I went back.

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