“30,000 Secrets” the first “J” Team Series’ sequel

Jessica, Rebecca and Elisabeth resolve many of their personal issues while working with Canada’s RCMP, the Secret Service and FBI to trace stolen radio active material from a Manitoba facility.

Meet the characters

The Second novel 30000 Secrets in the inspirational Series By Jonathan McCormick

Rebecca discovers a deep, personal connection to Penelope while Jessica struggles with her disdain for men and law enforcement.

The RCMP is intricately involved in the investigation of the stolen canister and the Alberta drug operation which finances an American terrorist organization.

The “J” Team Series’ first sequel is now available from:

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American Amazon

All proceeds are donated to domestic & sexual abuse survivor centers.

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Jonathan McCormick holds a 6th degree Black Belt in Combat Martial Arts. He is a U.S Marine (Inactive), trained with famed CIA operative Rex Applegate and Ultimate Fighter Champion Royce Gracie and is the director of the Institute of Defense Tactics. He is a former member of the American Society of Law Enforcement Trainers and works with members of various law enforcement agencies in the areas of suspect control and officer safety. His first novel Wyoming Secrets is available from www.amazon.com Follow "J" Team characters, Jason Spencer, Jackson Pennington, Rebecca Simpson & "J" Team Leader Jessica Fukishura on Facebook. McCormick is currently working on the first sequel, "30,000 Secrets A "J" Team Novel" which is expected out in 2013.
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2 Responses to “30,000 Secrets” the first “J” Team Series’ sequel

  1. Excited to see “30,000 Secrets” available.

    The women do resolve many of their issues and uncover others. Jason and I participate in tracking the American terrorists while an RCMP Member takes out the thieves who stole the radio active material from a Manitoba mine but not before the suspects delivered the material.

  2. I am biased regarding my role in the novel. I got to commingle with Colorado university grad students, gather incriminating data on their plot to bomb various American sites and met a Vietnam vet living in the wilderness with all the conveniences of modern living.

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